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Can't believe it's been almost a year since this little cutie came in for newborn photos. She was so a tad older than most newborns I shoot so we got lots of fun awake shots in addition to a few sleepy ones. But overall, Piper was sweet as can be and big sister was so smitten with her. 


They made adjusting to a family of four look easy!


Can't wait to photograph them all again this summer!


If you're currently expecting and interested in booking a Newborn Session, you can find more information here and here. Feel free to contact me with any questions or to book yours!

*Be sure to book early, as I only take a few newborns a month. I look forward to hearing from you!


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Z boys Z Boys

I couldn't wait to photograph these two cuties, especially after I pulled up to their family's bucolic Vermont farm! Not only was the location beautiful, but so were these two's smiles. Aren't they adorable?

Can't wait for next time boys!!! 


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M Family M Family

This family session was a long time in the making. Booked almost a year in advance and then rescheduled several times on account of rain, it was so wonderful when everything finally came together for a beautiful family session on a historic estate on North Bennington, VT.

Three generations are represented here. It's a family tradition of theirs to get everyone together for family photos. What a great way to stay connected and close with loved ones!


I loved hearing the story of how these two lovebirds met many moons ago. <3

And what a bunch of fun grandchildren!

Thanks again M family for the honor of documenting your family!


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Mommy & Me Mini Sessions Mommy & Me Mini Sessions

Wow. It's been months since I've taken the time to blog. I apologize. In addition to it being one of my busiest years yet for my photography business, it was also busy in my personal life. I was finally pregnant after over a year of trying. This was a difficult pregnancy for me for many reasons but I'm so thankful for every moment of it. Our daughter was born the end of October at 34 weeks 1 day healthy and beautiful. Stay tuned for a blog post all about her in the near future.

Motherhood is always on my mind. It's a powerful, complicated, wonderful force.  The bond between mother and child is incredible and one worth celebrating. Mommy & Me Mini Sessions I held in the Spring just in time for Mother's Day were designed to do just that.

I know I'll treasure every photograph I take of me with my children. These test shots I did with my son are some of my favorites. Can't wait till this coming Spring to get new ones with my daughter too. 

Mommy & Me, Oliver & MeBlack and white image of my son and me in an apple orchard.


Because of one of the rainiest Springs to date, we had to photograph on a few different days and at different locations. It was tricky tracking down any flowering blossoms that the wind and rain hadn't taken away. But we found a few spots and made it work.

First up was this gorgeous mom and her daughter duo, Lindsay and Brixton. Lindsay is one of the strongest moms I know and her strength sets an incredible example for her daughter. 

Isn't this little lady just stunning? The camera definitely loves her!


Kaitlin and her son were my next mother and child combo. I feel so lucky to have been photographing these two for several years now and watching Landon grow has been a joy! He's turned into quite the silly, smart, funny and loving big kid! And those curls! I'm envious!

I love the connections and memories I captured of and for these two women. Their convictions and bonds with their children are some of the strongest I've ever witnessed. Keep up the amazing work ladies!! Your children love you so much and they are so blessed to have you as their mothers. And I feel blessed to have such amazing clients whom I consider friends. <3

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Cecilia Cecilia

Whoa. This summer has been flying by and I haven't blogged at all!!! Time to rectify that with the adorable Cecilia's session from this past May.


This sweet little lady and her siblings were in the studio and brought with them so much cuteness and just overall sweetness. The big kids all helped me get great smiles and giggles from their baby sister. And at the end, they all got to get in the photo with lots of snuggles and smooches!


Also got to break out one of my favorite props, my doll crib, which I recently repainted too!

Doesn't she have the most sparkly eyes?

Love how this group photo turned out. There were so many giggles and a few tickles in there too to get those beautiful smiles all around!

It was so wonderful photographing these kiddos again. They're always so sweet and anytime I've hung out with them, I'm always left with a smile as big as theirs because they're just so cute and such a great group of kids! Hoping my son and his future sibling will have the kind of bond these children do. <3


If you're interested in booking a Child Portrait Session with me, I have a few openings left for September and October then I'll be taking a break to get ready for the birth of our second child. You can find out more information about Child Portrait Sessions here. Feel free to message me for more info or to book yours today!

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Cooper's Baseball Cake Smash Cooper's Baseball Cake Smash

When little Cooper's mom contacted me to schedule a baseball themed Cake Smash, my brain started spinning with so many fun ideas for the setup. Dad agreed to bring some of his baseball items from home including the batting hat we ended up using. I managed to find a mini baseball bat, just his size, at the local thrift store along with some mitts and weathered baseballs.  I made the banner out of more vintage style baseball stripes and colors and Mom ordered a cake from A-Frame Bakery in Williamstown, Ma that was the perfect baseball cake for the occasion! 

Cooper was hesitant at first but eventually got into it. Jury's still out on if he liked the taste of it or not, but he seemed overall happy. And no tears! Oftentimes babies have no idea what to do during a Cake Smash and cry, which is a totally normal reaction to this new situation. Cooper was very chill and just rolled with the punches.


And I'm so excited to now be offering Splash Sessions following the Cake Smashes!!! I found this awesome tub at one of my favorite local antique shops (Seiferts if anyone's interested) in nearby Hoosic Falls. It was perfect for a quick little scrub after getting all sticky with frosting beforehand. And Cooper really seemed to enjoy himself! Even splashing and giggling! What a cutie!!!

It was so great meeting this lovely family and photographing them to mark this milestone. I hope I get the chance to photograph them again in the future!

If you're interested in booking a Cake Smash Session for your little one, you can find out more information here. Or contact me to start the planning process!

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One Year Old Michael Michael

Michael was recently in the studio to celebrate his first birthday with balloons and photos!

Initially, he did not want to leave Mom's side.

But we managed to coax some smiles and giggles out of him by the end. And boy were they cute!

Big brother Daniel even got in on some of the shots. I'm sure Michael felt better with his brother nearby to make him smile.

Such a sweet family. It's always a pleasure to photograph them! Can't wait till next time!


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Spring Baby Mini Sessions: Collin Spring Baby Sessions:


Collin's mom answered my Model Call with a few cell phone photos of her son and the minute I saw those big baby blues, I knew I wanted to photograph him in my Spring Baby Session setup! 

He looks absolutely perfect in the hat I found for him. What do you think?

And this one too:

Kid can rock a hat! 

After an outfit change and a bit more time to get used to the studio, he brought out all the smiles!

Even when he wasn't smiling he was adorable.

Baby in a bucket, because well, why not?

Then Mom had the excellent idea to turn over the metal bucket so he could drum it! He seemed to really like that. Plus, what little kid doesn't like to make music?

Then eventually, he sat on it. 

Collin and his mom were such a joy to have in the studio! I just wanted to squeeze all that adorable baby squish he had! Plus he was just sweet as can be! Thank you again Brandy for bringing him in!!


Spring Baby Sessions are happening this Saturday, April 1st! There's still time to sign up! Follow the link here for more info and to reserve your spot!

Or if you're interested in booking a Child Portrait Session, head over to the Booking A Session page to learn more or contact me for details and to start planning! I look forward to hearing from you!!!

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Spring Baby Sessions:: Eleanor Spring Baby Sessions:


Was so pleased to see this little lady again! I photographed her as a newborn and now, seven months later, she's back and full of smiles and loads of personality!

Isn't she just the cutest??

She came in to the studio in the cutest outfit that highlighted her big blue eyes. After a few shots in that, we switched to the outfit I'd purchased for just this occasion. I think she can probably rock any color she puts on but pinks and blues always look so nice with strawberry blonde hair (I should know! lol)

Since it's Spring time, my studio is currently filled with lots of flowers. They paired perfectly with Eleanor. She's quite the little flower herself.

We got some beautiful photos of her while she was here, perfect for promos for my upcoming Spring Baby Sessions (coming April 1st). If you're interested in booking one of the Spring Baby 20 min portrait sessions, you can get more info and can reserve your spot here.

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Sawyer's First Year Sawyer's First Year

I first met Sawyer when he was still in mom's belly over a year ago. She contacted me needing maternity photos a.s.a.p. (check out the blog post here). Then I had the privilege of photographing him as a newborn. 

Those big blue eyes had me hooked. I couldn't wait to photograph him again! 

It was obvious his parents were hooked too. They were and still are so head over heels for this little guy.

They booked Milestone Sessions for him for his first year and I couldn't believe how much he'd already grown when he was in for his three month photo shoot.

Just look at that smile!!!

Ahhh!! It's cuteness overload!!!! Even his little stink face is adorable!

When he came back for his six month photos, he was even cuter, if that's at all possible. All smiles and the most adorable giggles.

It was near the holidays when he returned for his nine month session so we incorporated a bit of holiday cheer into some of his photos. He makes an adorable little elf.

Still cute as ever in his regular attire too. Then we had to put him in a bowl, 'cause babies in bowls are just adorable.

And then just last week, he was in for his twelve month session. The last one. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a tad bit sad to be at the end of his photo sessions. Hoping I'll get to see him again soon for family photos in the Fall. 

They grow up just too fast. 

Thank you to Sawyer's family for the honor of photographing his first year! It's been a pleasure!


If you're interested in having your child's first year documented, contact me for more information and to start planning the fun!

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Teens Teens

While much of my time is spent photographing pregnancy, newborns and children under the age of six, I also photograph many teens throughout the year. Whether it's back to school photos or senior photos or just-because photos, I always welcome the opportunity to photography this age group. As children on the cusp of young adulthood, it's a very special time. They're growing into themselves and really showing it. I love capturing their personalities shine! 

Vermont teenVermont teenVermont senior photos at Southern Vermont College.

Manchester Vermont teensManchester Vermont teensFall photos of teenagers from Manchester, VT. Vermont GradsVermont GradsHigh school and recent grad brothers from Southern Vermont. Manchester Vermont teensManchester Vermont teensFall photos of teenagers from Manchester, VT.


The Fall is a great time of year for outdoor portraits but if you need them done when it's just too cold outside, studio portraits are also an option. This sophomore needed school photos in mid February on one of the coldest days of the year, so we got some great shots in the studio instead. 

sophomore studio portraitssophomore studio portraitsSophomore from nearby Emma Willard School portraits in Megan Cross Photography's studio.

sophomore studio portraitssophomore studio portraitsSophomore from nearby Emma Willard School portraits in Megan Cross Photography's studio. sophomore studio portraitssophomore studio portraitsSophomore from nearby Emma Willard School portraits in Megan Cross Photography's studio.

So before your babies grow up too much, schedule a photo session to preserve those moments of the end of childhood for just a bit longer. Before you know it, they'll be moving out and possibly off to college. Such a bittersweet time for a parent. And such an exciting and amazing adventure awaits for teens as they enter the world of adulthood.  Vermont GradsVermont GradsHigh school and recent grad brothers from Southern Vermont. Manchester Vermont teensManchester Vermont teensFall photos of teenagers from Manchester, VT.

If you'd like to book a Teen Session, contact me to start the planning process. I look forward to speaking with you!

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Jaimee Jaimee's Maternity Session

This mom to be is expecting her second child any day now. Her 4 year old (almost 5 year old) son joined her for photos on a beautiful winter day two weeks ago. 

We found a beautiful spot in the nearby woods with just the right amount of snow for her photos. 

Bentley is so excited to be a big brother! 

Wishing mom and her family a smooth transition into parenting two little ones. I know they're so excited to meet their new little one.

Are you expecting a little one soon? If so, check out my Maternity Session info and contact me to schedule your maternity session.


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Maren Miss Maren

Maren's parents contacted me to do portraits for her first birthday. They wanted the photos to include their Norwegian heritage with a little touch of Christmas too since she was born on Christmas eve. I was so excited to meet this little lady and to create something for her that incorporated the holiday and wintery Norwegian aspects.

I created this winter wonderland setup which fit the bill perfectly! Maren wore her traditional Norwegian sweater and together everything looked classic and festive!


Everyone had fun and everyone ended up with bits of fake snow on them afterwards. 

Then we shot photos of with a more Christmas feel. Maren came with this great black, white, red and green dress. It was beautiful and went perfectly with a simple wooden setup.

Isn't she just a doll?

If you're interested in booking a Child Studio Portrait session, contact me for more information!



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Introducing Andrew Introducing Andrew

When my friend Dave, whom I've been friends with since middle school, and his lovely wife Ashley announced they were having a baby, I was beyond thrilled for them. And I was secretly wishing I would get the chance to take pictures of their new little one once he or she arrived. Just before Christmas they were blessed with a beautiful little boy and then a few weeks later, I was blessed with the opportunity to photograph him and his adoring parents too. 

b&w wrapped babyb&w wrapped baby

Andrew took a little bit to settle down, he must have been going through a growth spurt since he was quite the hungry little guy, but once he did he was snug as a bug. Doesn't he look comfy?

sleeping newbornsleeping newbornnewborn with striped slouch hat snuggled into a fleece blanket

I had also just received my new posing bag for Christmas and couldn't wait to try it out. I love these shots we got with him there. Isn't he just the most handsome little guy?

reclining babysupine babybaby laying on his back with light blue romper and slouch hat on a taupe backdrop

Check out that sweet little cowlick. How adorable!

side resting newbornside resting posenewborn lying on his side on a taupe backdrop with hands held under his cheek,

I know they're cherishing every moment as a new family of three! 

family of threefamily of threenew parents cradling their new baby boy  

Are you expecting a new bundle of joy soon and interested in getting newborn photos of your little one? If so, contact me to schedule your session. I limited the number of newborn sessions I take each month since they're born on their schedules, not ours so let me know as soon as you can that you'd like to book. And to help prepare for your session, please read my handy tips on just that. 

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Introducing Eleanor Introducing Eleanor

This little peach and her family drove a great distance to get her photos taken and boy am I glad they did. She is such a sweetheart!!!

Isn't she just beautiful?

We got so many great setups with her. We got to use my new farm pail I had just purchased from TFJ Designs.

It looked awfully sweet next to the little lamb stuffed animal her parents brought along.

Eleanor's parents couldn't be more in love with their new bundle of joy and I couldn't be happier for them. They're such a sweet family of three!


If you're expecting a new little one, contact me soon to book your newborn session. Since babies are born on their schedule, I only take a limited amount of newborns each month to ensure each family gets the time it needs for their photo shoot. Find out more about my Newborn Sessions and how to prepare for your child's newborn session and then send me a message to book yours!


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Emmett's First Year Emmett's First Year

Fellow Vermonters Emmett and his mother Chelsie were my first clients in my new studio in early 2016. I was so thrilled for the opportunity to photography this little cutie for four Milestone Sessions documenting his first year. He was such a sweetheart during all his photo shoots with an amazing smile to boot!

Here he is at 3 months old, the first time in front of my camera.

 Such a cutie!! Here he is at his 6 month session:


And here at 9 months old:

And lastly, a 12 months:

He's grow up so quickly and it's been an honor to be a part of his first year. I love being able to give parents these photos to treasure for years to come. It was so nice getting to know him and his mother over the course of the year. I was kind of sad when it was over.  Hopefully I can photograph them all again soon! 


Are you interested in having photos of your little one's first year? I have a variety of packages for every budget.
Check out my Milestone Sessions page for more info and contact me for pricing and to schedule you child's photo sessions.  

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Valentine's Day Lovey Sessions! Valentine's Day 'Lovey' Sessions!!

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, so why not celebrate with photos of your little one with their lovey! Bring your child with their favorite stuffed animal or blankie for photos together. What better way to remember this special and often fleeting relationship your child has with their special lovey?

Kids have such a special bond with their favorite stuffed animals. My son does and it’s something I want to remember and cherish long after he’s grown up and forgotten about his Teddy. I want to give you photos for you and your child to treasure for years to come.

Here are some of the photos I created of my son with his Teddy.

He sure does love his Teddy! I hope they have this special relationship for a few more years.

And if not, I'll always have these photos to remember it by. 

For more information and to reserve your spot, click the link. I hope to see you there!!

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B Family B Family

There are few families that I will drive great distances to photograph. This is one of them. I've been photographing them for years, starting when they were college roommates with my brother out in Boston, then their wedding in New Hampshire a few years later, then family photos with their new infant daughter. Now after the birth of their second daughter, they needed new photos of their growing family and I was happy to drive out there and photograph them. They're such a sweet and loving family.

For more information on booking a Family Session, check out this page and contact me to discuss scheduling.

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K Family K Family

This family will always be near and dear to my heart. Jen is one of my best friends. We met in 6th grade when we both moved to the same town and were in the same school. We quickly became friends. Her family has always been so generous. I spent so much time at their house growing up that I had my own toothbrush there. 

family portraits, williamstown, berkshiresFamily portraitgrandparents, parents and children all in one shot. We hiked up to the top of Stone Hill behind The Clark Art Museum in Williamstown for some fun family photos.

Their son is my unofficial god-son. Every time I see him I can't believe how big he's gotten. I'll aways think of him as that little baby I met so many years ago now. And his little sister is almost as tall as him! She's growing up fast too and the two of them make such a great team.

I'll be forever grateful to her parents for opening up their home to me and all our friends. We're all so grateful for all the time we got to spend there making many great memories. 

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G Family G Family

I photographed this mother and son here in Southern Vermont on one of the most beautiful days of the summer. They were new clients and boy was I excited when they pulled up and I saw this little cutie pie!

I want to just squish those adorable cheeks of his!!!

He and his mama have quite the bond. 

We had a great time and made some lovely memories too. Looking forward to next time!


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