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Valentine's Day

April 12, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

The new studio being in my home means lots of time to play and experiment. Just before Valentine's Day, I toyed with the idea of hosting Valentine themed Mini Sessions there, and even made some promos for it. But eventually I realized that I really didn't have enough time to get things off the ground. I did, however, have time to take some adorable photos of my own son while I was planning. 

Promo 1:

Promo 2:

I even played around in Photoshop with some previous photos of our friend's kids. Here's one of them that I just love:

I'm so glad I have these now, as the theme of Love is so much more universal that just on Valentine's Day. I think if I'm to do them again, I'll start planning earlier, but instead of them being Valentine's Day themed, they'll be Love themed. I've always wanted to do portraits of kids with their 'Lovies' and that particular holiday seems like a good time to do them. So next year, hopefully I can get this idea off the ground. In the meantime, I'll always have these sweet and loving photos of my son blowing me kisses and holding my heart. <3


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